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Une rafale de vent vient frapper mon coeur.

Le ciel est temoin de mes ardeurs

Je me lève alors que ce n'est l'heure

tout s'assombrit et ça me fait peur.


Je marche seul dans le froid

Je ne sais à quel endroit

je pourrait tenir droit

car le mal ici est roi


Je me couche pres du quai

oubliant de faire le guet

je n'ai trouvé ce que je cherchait

tout est noir et ça m'effrai

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"Four Royal Highness, Akito dark, then do not say, I just heard you and that woman dialogue" Mu words lips evoke sarcastic sneer, soft arms hook on Munemasa Asahi neck said. Since tactful not escape, it would directly open and frank said. Zong Zheng Xu did not expect she will be a sudden change in the attitude, pick eyebrow, the original warm smile, gradually become Xiemei confuse, opening just gaze gestured for her to continue to say no, he was curious, in front of the famous Kyoto animal in nature the idiot lady, what she wants to do? ! Liu Zhongming nod thoughtfully, eyes motioned him to go on. "Sanmei going to, and Sister this should go, so Sister watching multi point Sanmei wants! Light Tien Liu looked at her? Mu words my heart could not stop sneer, Liu Haolan want to let willow light tim looked at her, and it would only backfire! Liu light tim but anxious that she can make a fool on a fool as to be able to highlight the her know that over ceremony! "Looking back you go to take that to the next! Time you allowed me to go out, as long as you leave your home to half a step, I sent to your room, the girl's legs chopped down to stay in the room to give me a good school and tim children point of etiquette, not to when the willow family shame! "Liu Zhongming long been known that she ran out a few days ago, had just threatened her with exquisite. "Dad ..." feminine voice, with a touch of coquetry. Liu light Tianshi when ran in, the one I heard the father reprimanded little slut, she really is time, but for cyan notice her, she does not know that the father wanted that little slut malingering evade the Tianyuan section, but it seems finally going to let her go. She did not make good use of this opportunity not wasted! ! A series of chat down, the Queen Mother touches Munemasa Asahi flatter happy for them, standing on the edge of the Mu Introduction natural is a good thing, less is always thinking about for a while, she also fewer strokes sin, and now she was standing feet some numbness, looked up secretly glanced at the Queen Mother took Munemasa Asahi complex look, he said to the Queen Mother temple, turned out to be true? ! Still he came at her? This is not afraid to talk to her things he will be private palace Princess told the Queen Mother? ! "His mother, Liu Miss always stood this it? Your patronize and four Royal Highness chat to regard people hanging aside for a moment." Plum chaise feminine smile, seemingly random reminder, but when looked at her eyes but complex The abnormal, disgust, contempt, jealousy ... various emotions are mixed, people do not understand. "Look, of Aijia and Asahi children to speak, she almost forgot." Queen Mother Huangruo Dawu, but do not know is true or false forgot forgot. And Er Chen want to the small blessing sub necessarily had a good talk to see Wong grandmother and chaise Goddess, could not bear to disturb Wong grandmother Masaoki may spread and it did not report it, which is a small blessing sub a lot of thought Wong grandmother do not blame him. "Munemasa Asahi happened to be walking in gentle smile rippling in the lips, opening a small blessing sub intercede. Plum chaise also timely: "his mother, four Royal Highness said on the ah, Chenqie patronize and be able to chat with you, did not notice the three Ms Liu came. Touches tired for ages three Miss station!" "Little Fortunes sub since four Prince and Meifei of speak for you, Aijia this will not blame you." Queen Mother along a few people, then opening, then beckoned to Munemasa Asahi, a kindly smile, "Asahi children , to grandmother edge sit grandmother have a period of time did not see you. " Grandmother, blaming Er Chen which the Er Chen future must every day to grandmother greeting! "Munemasa Asahi like remorse like, looking annoyed, it looks just like a little kid in coquetry, angered the Queen Mother laugh big laugh, her children, and how much her coquetry, this feeling just her for a long time has not.

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Attic atmosphere suddenly cold, ashen face Munemasa offerings this all of a sudden, dark somewhat. Tianqi! Talking about? " Liu Haolan stare at the blue sky and the odd one, a girl's virginity can not just joke of it, a place like this in the brothel, the woman avoid dog, how can be seen here. Let alone now the offerings Munemasa Mu words nominally husband is still here, the blue sky and the odd touching the tender spot. Blue sky odd words before blurting also aware own joke some open too far, Samsam do not know is not this say something, hesitated for a quite a while before slowly opening: "That ......" "Tianqi words really say right!! I see Liu Miss!" Munemasa Asahi elegant sit down in a chair, ranging from blue sky odd finish his sentence on the first to say out mouth edge The smile never left came in to start. Silence! Still the silence! ! Offerings frown, Munemasa ugly face cold, forced open her directly, is tugging at the sleeves, a pull back and looked at his sleeve a fold, and anger become increasingly could not stand. "His Royal Highness!" Not like she posted up, she was chosen to be posted up, anyway, this has the name of the first animal in nature, and not do something truly move, not too wasteful. Dia Dia cried, and was only pushed himself came forward again, you want to pull the offerings of clothes Munemasa. Hydra big eyes, staring staring at the the three princes pretty face. Were political offerings in the past have long see more Liu Mu words anthomaniac, Huoqi Da Sheng, just at the moment the heart of disgust but more Lengheng soon turned between box went. He must have if you can this woman killed, to see the the men bashing anthomaniac female really see how how disgusting! "Your Highness, I ah!" Mu words sound of Jiaohe, the pace stride caught up. Cases of political offerings before entering the box, the door had just closed, and I did not expect was a push from the outside, I do not know the etiquette and rules completely, Dalie Lie ran in. People saw the boxes, a smiling woman rushed in, would have wanted Que Tu stopped flew Munemasa offerings body action, slap the size of the face, the moment seems marked the spotlight crystal moist eyes in the circulation of several man mouth side of the curvature is also growing. He wants to kill her! Mu words from his eyes to see why they understatement deliberate reminder of her palace is the Queen Mother summoned will cause uproar, the event that something happens, especially at the moment will be those who are looking for her, at any time may someone come here . Murder in the palace, not a casual a small thing can mask! ! The Munemasa Asahi cold opening: "The king also happens to have to go to the Queen Mother temple to travel together, the three Miss, how!" The saying is a question, but the tone was a tone of command. She now this is unfamiliar, crashed through the front of the man's secret, if foolishly ran with, it is not too silly. Mu words be regarded as dead people, but for the dead people are afraid of the time, she is also more appreciative of their own lives, to accompany their lives for trivial things not worth Moreover useless dead alive again, this she is not willing to die. Liu Zhongming turned to leave, the remaining three of them, Mu words also do not want to stay longer here, and both mother and baby are malicious to her to see his face here, out of sight for the net, then she dropped out to go out . "Mother, it's clear all that the little slut harm me, and now you look at my feet, and let me how to win in the the Tianyuan section when?!!" Willow light tim bite viciously said, whether the thing is not Mu words do, in her opinion does not matter, things her into the sky, because, if not her words, she will not break his leg. "Liu Mu words, since married the day after, the whole feeling has changed, unlike in the past as arrogant and despotic, and no nonsense of the past. Implying because her three princes Hugh, that led to the whole person changed?" Big Mrs. Mu words leave direction looking at the door, mumbled thoughtfully.

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Few people it seems, at the moment, Mu words almost the entire people stuck in the body of Munemasa Asahi to wipe stains, staring at his eyes just a switch does not turn the helpless smile Junlian. "I'm all right, Miss not be so nervous!" Munemasa Asahi helpless chuckle, looking at the front of the woman, gentle laugh tolerant, just can not see where the other person, and whispered in her ear, "anthomaniac play too far! " "Oh, the clothes are dirty, how do ah, I help Royal Highness eat clean!!" Mu words mouth saying, but it also will head in a direction, a mischievous whispered, "Who told you last peek Miss bath, the splash you today a clothes compensation! " The edge of a few men could not help but furrowed brow, especially Liu Haolan this older brother, is the black face and black, looked at his sister shameless sticky in the body of a man, his older brother face almost discreditable, that sort of situation, no one could see, she is deliberate, what is the purpose?Four princes mansion Munemasa Asahi from Kokonoe floor belt out the Mu words homeopathic followed to his mansion. The soft white fingers Nianqi desktop pastries, did not know the kind of eating, ate, sloshing around, eyes looked around the environment. This is a simple man! Heart under judgment merely Jiaoqiao surface but still Mianbugaise the hint of a smile: "I would like to thank the the four Royal Highness concern Mu words just inadvertently fans the way around for some time did not find the direction, tired also just a little just afraid to miss the summoning of the Dowager Empress, the little girl can not afford to be magnanimous. " Although she ask ourselves not to utter what everywhere, but this does not mean that others will believe her, apply another sentence is nothing more than: Only the dead can keep a secret! Clouded, more increased wind blowing around the flowers and rickety. Living in his arms, even the embrace of the warm and comfortable, but they can not cover up the extent, revealed the intention to kill, the Mu words looked up to look him in the Mouguang, the surface with a faint smile, but they could not stop the heart under speed up the beating, and now close look at his eyes, she was surprised to find that the eyes of Munemasa Asahi being actually deep black with a hint of purple, kind of has a mysterious atmosphere of deep purple, at the moment the original Wenrun Gong sub incarnation seems cruel Shura merciless cold. "Asahi, what you say is true!!" Liu Haolan widened his eyes and stood up from his chair and shoved, the incredible stared at the clear sky laugh Munemasa Asahi, he know Munemasa Asahi will not just say this, he is not a blue sky odd as impulsive, say such a thing can only say that is a fact, but this fact is unacceptable. "I just past third brother invitation seen her once, but the impression was quite profound, I guess I should not admit people!" Munemasa Asahi looked longer angry to describe Munemasa offerings one said, , "to say, the position seems to be in the opposite loft." The only time seen the the Liu Mu words, is seen in three palace door, when Liu Mu words askew stalker like entanglement, the slightest move neglecting his own face, really left a deep impression. feel really bad days to do and see today, which is he particularly surprised. The offerings of Munemasa not say a word, the eyes lighted raging anger, her face taut directly kicked a chair and opened the door and went out. "Mu words, you say look at me, how now the eyes only looked at a few handsome son?" The rotor bell demon feminine hand pull arm on Mu words, the voice with Rouni spoiled tone. "Who said that, my eyes can only see Yao Yao's beautiful, Who's on your style?" The Mu words red in the face out of breath, tender opening, spoken sweet words are like an elegant infatuation son. Looked at the two women Munemasa offerings, clenching his teeth, and it did not let their own direct his sword to kill, which Liu Mu words really let him disgrace face if this woman really was Qujin the palace, in the future, he also how to go out see, he does not understand, the Fu Huang why would he set such a marriage? ! ! Munemasa offerings in hand clenched into a fist, repressed impulse, cold eyes gazed at the front of the woman ignored his teeth from his mouth out a smothered:

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To the workplace, we will also get a lot of information. Not left the teacher hands-on help, how the information is refined, summarized into the experience can be replicated, and use them properly solve the problem, it has become the most important link in the process of our profession accumulation. Friend perennial deal and interns, once we mentioned the professional attitude of young people, she talked about a few things. Intern A, is always the main focus on the completion of the work arranged by the instructor.The moment I feel shocked and is admired. I realized that The peers more than most people go this step, in fact, is very important to activate the process - the the cold card into living people, and let the other side know you remember you. Do not underestimate this step. Things in the world is not so much a coincidence, others are successful, there must be a reason for his success - try to find it the next time you will.Not surprisingly, after entering the job market a few years, the A and B are still doing the work of the most basic, and C has been in the industry a minor celebrity, to become a hot new star. To salvage core of experience The eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom, in the face of the same information, everyone come out of the experience but it may be very different. For a simple example, the same is to write a resume when you get several templates, which summed up what? Some people see the wording of the public culture, clarity and avoid long-winded; Some people see the light and breezy, even longer lucrative career, a piece of A4 paper enough to be summarized; someone is targeted, according to job search direction different self-introduction when you want to adjust the center of gravity; someone is expressed focus on relevant work experience, that this is the most important. A few days ago, a HR friends complained to me that he had received the best resume.

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What happiness? Shahar Science tells everyone: happiness in their own hands. Shahar "happiness" can be defined, experiment, exercise science from an abstract noun into. " In his view, happiness should be a combination of joy and meaning. The first book "happiness" proposed "Hamburg model" to illustrate this definition.So, if you want to win the admiration of the technical staff, you need to have the overwhelming technical ability. Overwhelming, not subordinates 70 points, you 80 points, but under the 70 points, you have to be 100 points; subordinates 100 points, you have to do 150 points. Therefore, the lack of technical capacity to manage the technical staff are often difficult thankless, may be under the surface Obey your heart simply improper you about children, so that the management there obstacles. Of course, if your virtue is very good, very dedicated, technology does not seem so important anymore; And if you have to meet the front two, at the same time, technology is also very exquisite, that nature is the icing on the cake.Is very important for the development of a person, a good leader. The so-called "good" standard, is not he let you work less to earn more money, but the following three. First of all, a good leader must have a broad mind, if a leader will throw a tantrum every day, it is almost certain he was not broad-minded people, when not able to temper tantrums leadership, most of it is very powerful leadership. Chinese people when the leadership the biggest fault tolerance capacity than they can not often see a phenomenon, the leadership of the very capable hands of a group of mediocre or the hands of a group of idlers.

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Who would have thought she had a car accident, just rain, and she went to give him supper walk a mile, bike lost control of the car rushing from behind, knocked her, she would never be able to stand up. Get a wheelchair, her the two temper but reversed. She often angry, only because he stewed pork ribs soup that she does not like eggs fried too tender, the bath water is too cold or too hot, even once, he at the door and neighbors chatting, "What, laughed, she they suddenly furious, overturned the table, and broke a thermos bottle . She find fault with everything, but he becomes gentle and obedient, in front of her humbly.military may impose a fine of more than five million U. . dollars. Ange, director of the Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park Like · Sonck, the Philippines researchers convened by the Government of a number of major colleges and universities, and the formation of a working group to assess the coral reef damage suffered.Parents could not choose children, but you can change the attitude of the child's education. The attitude has changed, the fate of the children may be a dramatic change. Not only teach the parents did not teach bad children! To create their own life forever proud Even if the world all look down on your child, parents have tears appreciate him, hugging him, praise him, to create their own life forever proud. My daughter Tingting since childhood ears deaf.

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"Every Cold Food immediately, the way the case in late spring. Poor Jiangpu look, but not Los bridge people. Arctic Wai Ming main Nanming of demoted. Brideshead Revisited heartbroken at day and night new wicker " Ears heard teachers sonorous speech, my heart suddenly heavy martyrs deterrent Why? Not.Parents teach their children to the process of learning to talk, learning to walk, reflect the most basic law of education in the world, and original, this is just to pay, not asking for anything, just ask sowing, but not to receive, acknowledge differences, allow failing schools filled with selfless love, reflecting a positive state of mind, implies a firm belief! Is because this kind of love, attitudes and beliefs, so that every child in learning to talk, learning to walk in a happy, happy genius status. Learning to talk, learning to walk, "education is the parents already have, and did not realize that was used, but inadvertently forgotten the most effective, the happiest educational treasures! Appreciation of education is to teach children to learn to speak, learning to walk education! Parents had educator, retrieve forgotten treasures! To love kids need to understand children Love child is a parent's instinct, the lies will understand children. Chinese parents are too fond of children, but tend not to love. Love child is the instinct of the parents, the key is to love - to understand children! Understand secret of the child's parents need to understand that every child who seems to have hidden two guys, a "good boy", and the other is the "bad guys".Instead, I began to miss the childhood carefree life, and feel that it seems is happines. Began a new vision: when to implement flexible working hours, it must be very happy, sleepy to sleep a few points to points, then do not be alarm awakened dreams, no longer have to face not wash , did not brush teeth, go out into the office bolted. A few years later, and finally achieve the flexible working hours. Moreover, with own hybrid senior staff would like to go to work the points go to work at home, even if the office did not say you.

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