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Sur ce blog, vous pourez voir des galleries manga, des gifs et télécharger mes créations.Les catégorie "litteral community" et "blogosphère.com" respectivement publient des textes et parlent de blogs d'autres personnes(blogs mangas, ou littéraires).Pour y apparaitre, me contacter
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fan c'est le mot qui décrirait lifestream fan tout d'abord de la furie des jeunes alchimistes elrics(en même temps qui n'apprécirait pas ces garcons qui réalisent des prouesses en essayant de se soustraire à leur destin funeste).Son blog http://lifestream.allmyblog.com/   est un veritable hommage à la cette série(fullmetal alchemist si vous n'aviez toujours pas compris) avec des images,des images et des images toutes plus belles les unes que les autres,fanarty pour la plus part.

Puis s'y melle les manifestations de cette passion que nous avons nous autre les otakus,ce lien qui nous lie à ces êtres d'exception qui nous font rêver tous les jours de notre vie;on se sens proche d'eux et on veux leur ressembler.Si vous aimez le cosplay ici http://life-cosplay.allmyblog.com/ vous vous sentirez chez vous.(Moi je suis pas tres fan mais peu importe je suis cinglé).Visitez ces blogs et faites de temps en temps un tour chez moi aussi

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"Oh ......" Munemasa Xu could not help but smile a little more, and the action quickly jump out of the window, and to generally silent. Until Munemasa Asahi leave has been straight spine, taut nerves Mu Introduction to relax down, body weakness rely on the tub. Heart filled with an intuitive, this Munemasa Asahi very simple, she came to this world seems to be really hard to escape the various disputes that perhaps she was a family woman doomed it! ! Since the three princes came out the brothel repudiation of the thing, the notorious Miss Yanagiya the addition of a title - abandoned wives. Mu words and do not care, but does not mean others do not care, the entire the willow government because this thing is more the gloomy long time, she is Liu Zhongming ordered in their rooms shall not go out ... however, never had the world on she was no good shopping, I did not intend to obey orders. "I see the head rooster Peugeot's next dish should be delicious!" Mu words in the twinkling of an eye looked under the peacock painting, and glanced at the door Munemasa Asahi, a mischievous smile. Moqing foot of the handicap is a staggering idiot really is idiot, this peacock is said to be the cock, actually also thinking of snacks! ! He really never seen such a stupid woman, the true unknown Bai Gongzai with her in the end to do front son of a panic, and presumably also in front of this woman to do. "If you want the next dish, this the king another day people to send a how three Miss?" Moment Munemasa Xu gentle camouflage, and even talk with impunity, with bewitched, "Liu family in some places with to feeding is good! " Will my house that one-third of an acre of land, do not know of His Highness feel where suitable feeding it? Promenade around the corner at The petals are Tasui scattered over the ground, but has already gone silhouette.Queen Mother Temple, Jing Feng-Hua hairpin, the costumes in the body, the spirit has always been good, nearly sixtieth year of Queen Mother, at the moment are plum chaise accompanied by tea in the Queen Mother temple chatting. Mu words small eunuchs led into the Queen Mother temple, and looked forward to sitting in the upper of the two, the spirit is very good, properly maintained, even the eldest but not significantly Queen Mother, an old golden costumes gold silver lines highlight the distinguished , Jinzan phoenix coronet, revealed the Queen Mother's elegant. Woman sitting in the Dowager edge, Liu Mei vertical bend, nose, lips and tender, delicate white skin, eyes Yingying Ruoping, rose red dress reveals a woman's skin is more delicate, filling the delicate feminine gestures, the amount of rooms The points are like plum of cinnabar, the woman's clothes-order goods can determine is the the chaise level. "Dowager Empress, Liu Miss to see with the Queen Mother edge of a small blessing sub Mu words small eunuch led in., busy whispered to report it to the Queen Mother. He wants to kill her! Mu words from his eyes to see why they understatement deliberate reminder of her palace is the Queen Mother summoned will cause uproar, the event that something happens, especially at the moment will be those who are looking for her, at any time may someone come here . Murder in the palace, not a casual a small thing can mask! ! The Munemasa Asahi cold opening: "The king also happens to have to go to the Queen Mother temple to travel together, the three Miss, how!" The saying is a question, but the tone was a tone of command. She now this is unfamiliar, crashed through the front of the man's secret, if foolishly ran with, it is not too silly. Mu words be regarded as dead people, but for the dead people are afraid of the time, she is also more appreciative of their own lives, to accompany their lives for trivial things not worth Moreover useless dead alive again, this she is not willing to die.

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"Mu words to thank sister's speak up!" Mu words lips evoke more brilliant arc, like a violet bloom like dumping country smile, walked in front of Liu light tim, a look of sincere joy thanks.Willow light tim of thanks was taken aback, she is so ironic to belittle, she actually came and thank her smiling, she is too stupid, do not understand human speech, or how. Faced with such a bright smile face, for a time, she was stunned not know how the reaction, the and staring blankly Mu words. Blue Ice also very surprised that Liu Mu words seems really silly too far, not even someone accused her of not knowing, also came thanks, it seems silly, she just felt that she did not like the feeling of really illusion, such a company of others The woman failed to understand the meaning of words, where to be able to make her face up. Watching the two Mu words expression pick Tiaomei: the "that Sanmei not bother sister dine upstairs Sanmei first good meal! Sister below!" A turn at the foot of pace, and willow light tim squeeze and move upstairs walked, eyes smile at the end of more and more of the rich, while the bottom of my heart for the the Kokonoe floor behind boss curiosity is more, if someone had not indicate, it is impossible for her status changes, let her directly on the top floor. This Munemasa Xu is still full of know how to enjoy the things here are fine, but without significant mountain dew, the layout is simple and elegant, elegant and refined mansion, touches and surface askew look gentle fairy entropy quite match. At the door Moqing, look complex at the eyes looking around the woman, Liu Mu INTRODUCTION really is like a rumor is so I do not know etiquette Which ladylike eating while also everywhere with her son when came back, God knows your family who look more than strange. He does not understand her son last said something interesting, now actually really she brought back. Mu words is great interest of looking at the paintings hanging on the wall behind him came a chuckle: "Do not know the 柳小姐 what insights the king painting?" Put on a purple Munemasa Asahi, faded the gentle son's camouflage, dark eyes reveals a mystery not see faint smile leaning door, Shuangshoubaoxiong the wisp of long hair black hair drawn to in chest, thin lips outline attractive curved instead of moist, a Xiemei temperament, at the moment were political Asahi than just the more Xiemei temptation seems to tease people's eye all the time. " They are not that her anthomaniac it, then she is today simply sit real this statement, said she anthomaniac, that is good! She spotted bell demon of beauty at all to drunk fragrant floor and how? Anyway, the name of Liu Mu words this is nothing good reputation today Wedding the Brothel things must let her in the name of the head more vocal, let this name since smelly stink point. Anyway, she do not care, Royal entanglements too much, perhaps carrying the name of the first of this anthomaniac idiot can also give her Dangqu some trouble. "Liu Mu words you also shameless, ah, a girl ran brothel so confidently today actually also from the palanquin idiot You should also know the etiquette and rules of marriage? Really give you Liu family shame!" Blue Sky odd despised stared at her. He did not say better, that said, let this anger rising Munemasa offerings, the momentum of the whole body comes out more and more of the cold, the whole room seems to have become depressed eyes glared reveals murder cold the If not Liu Mu words identity in where here Liuhao Lan still, he was probably already could not resist in order to kill! ! From the "I want to divorce his wife!!!" "Small front with several escort all leave behind several escort illustrates the Mu words nodded slightly, Moving intend to follow the children to eat, shopping and visiting most of the day really is a little tired before taking the steps, the lobby door came the sarcastic smiles tenderly. "Sanmei, I did not expect you to come here, and how not to go upstairs? Sanmei not has always been up to the third floor dining you today how a sudden change of taste, ready to eat in this floor lobby. ' Rose red dress set off come the same good figure, exquisitely delivered, while giving her a girl bun reveals her young, just with a refined makeup face at the moment is full of surprise, but her eyes revealed schadenfreude pride and joy, but did not escape the eyes Mu words. Come light Tien Liu, her side followed by a handsome and elegant woman is her sister, Mu words of eyes from Liu light 恬 proud face glanced over the woman who fell to her.

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In fact, this is a positive mentality, as a middle-level cadres, you need to be things of the company as their own home to deal with when you have this kind of attitude, you are, no matter how overtime will not complain about it's even Fenwenbuqu . If you can keep this state for a long time, your dedication and professionalism, will easily infect your subordinates and your colleagues, you will feel the company the best of both worlds, and you will be more right to speak, we will pay more attention to your colleagues and subordinates will make you a more trust. When this occurs, the management from subordinates also difficult business? But need to pay attention to, Your professionalism is not reflected in the endless overtime work is extremely busy, recurring overtime in fact, is one of the performance of the work did not do a good job, overtime should occur only when the emergency occurs. should not be the norm.When you have this mentality, you will humbly accept the criticism of the customers detailed record of the issues raised by customers, then an item to think about how to solve, and should give a detailed solution. With this mentality, you will not consciously naturally stood aside and let him feel you for his sake, help him to solve the problem. When you are faced with the customers, there should be such a devout belief: I go for customer service, he can not solve the problem for him to solve. If you do not have this kind of attitude, in the face of complaints is likely will produce boredom, and easy to justify to their own problems. Doctors to consult higher authorities after the hospital was very careful to let her do the review. Review the results, confirmed the hematopoietic cells out of the question. The boss said, the inflammation from the teeth to carry out blood tests, all of this like a God, but also like a coincidence. But if not discovered early, until a year or two after systemic bleeding symptoms, the treatment effect is not necessarily better.

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Job to two or three years, most people will become proficient, this time often find ourselves constantly repeat, there are a lot of people will feel tired, some people will feel they get to know everything, so do not bother to seek progress a. Often quit is because I think the loss of interest in, and feel that they have completed the game. In fact, this time the game has only just started to work two or three people, whether it is the relationship between customer relationships, contacts, hands, and led fame in the industry . these are not enough of, but slightly achievements always will feel good about themselves, everyone feels the relationship with the client iron as hell, think their own very good reputation in the industry.How to do things on the workplace There are a lot of theories about how to do things, such as First things first, put things into urgent, important, and so I do not discuss these, I can only talk about my own experience. How to do things, I also adhere to a creed: not coke dry, his heart sink, will focus on the problem to be solved. I have seen such a story, Once upon a time there was a people, a large stone in the garden at home, often someone will accidentally hit; son asked: Why do not he poached? Said his father: stone grandfather's era there is because it is so big, bad digging he had been there; Then, after a generation of people, the home of a daughter-in-law can not stand, carrying a hoe to dig she has already done psychologically prepared to dig a few days time, results day finished digging . turned out that in the middle of the stone is empty.The boss has arranged for her two best hospital for treatment, and after she was diagnosed, the first words he said: the boss, I would like to continue to work! Boss here, their voices are muffled, reminds me say before dinner, he has been saying: XX may not be able to go, XX probably would not go. I was also the strange dinner the protagonist is not her, where tube she will not come. Original things like this. However, she finally came, and with everyone together, eat, drink, said the jokes, the same does not fall.

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According to Agence France-Presse reported, Kisumu, Odinga western sphere of influence of the largest towns, broke out in 30 young people in clashes with the police, at least two shootings killed and many injured. The demonstrators initially dispersed by police, but a comeback evening, to throwing stones at cars and motorcycles. The number of shops looted and passers constantly heard sporadic gunfire. In the capital, Nairobi, in the afternoon, police used tear gas to disperse a protest in the city center of Odinga's supporters.Farmers hope to quickly grow the crops mood and parents want their children to an early talent mood is exactly the same, the practice is often different. Farmers at night and think of what the crops need? How to meet the needs of the crops? Parents to educate their children awake at night, did not think what the needs of the child's soul? How to meet the spiritual needs of the children? When the crops do not grow well, farmers never complain about the crops, on the contrary, is always to find the reasons. Children learn not, but many parents blaming rarely think about their own responsibility to find a cause, it is in himself. Changes in the external environment, the farmers know to change the methods of cultivation; socio-environmental changes, whether the parents thought of updating educational ideas? Perhaps parents are not genius, but can be a genius parents.At that time, his songs have not sing a few songs to be interrupted. When they carried in the piano performances, less than half of the judges very impatiently interrupted play, then do not say a word. Strong Liu Wei feel that these are nothing, he was quiet, very calm and walked off the stage to go. In August 2010, when Liu empty sleeves onto the Shanghai Oriental TV "China Talent Show" stage "dream wedding" played again, the the audience rose clapped18.

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He can not imagine life without her, he never thought he would be after death than she, this is terrible. The activities of the last time they attend public occasions that the American Film Academy awarded him the Lifetime Achievement Award of the General Assembly. At the meeting, he mentioned four people: "four out of the first one is a film editor, the second is the screenwriter, and the third is the mother of my daughter Pat, and the fourth is to show the miracle has been in the kitchen excellent chef - their names are Alma Revell. He said sadly, this may be his and her last present at this occasion, it may be his last chance to pay tribute to her in front of the public.He met her, she was stupid, rough female red will NOT sit down on the snooze will not clean up the house, the only good is the temper. Any how angry, she just ignored, laugh die laughing kind of looked at him, heart will air leisure, prompting his last often dumbfounding. He made a 10-year temper, and each time came back drunk and saw her fried burnt eggs, and broke the teapot, a mess of the house and children, they hit, scolded. She has never minded, quietly pack up his face, hot foot, put him on a warm bed.So, often always hope that the competent transferred, and stubbornly believe that: as long as the person is transferred, the work will be very happy. On several occasions, he does not go away, do not stay here Lord, own place to stay. However, every will, no matter where a wide range of and against me in charge of all go hand in hand. So he began to look forward to: the day his wife boiled the woman, I can have the final say, do not no longer be in charge of the gas when it must be very happy.

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